Robots shooting, create your own robot with groovy Dsl!

There is supposed to be an example drawing here, but it\'s not important.

Max. 8 robots.

Name of the Robot (unique):

Groovy Robot Dsl:


Position, it's a coordinate, an object with property x and property y.

Function Returns Info
move [direction] - north, south, east or west. Only 1 move each turn
shoot [x],[y] - Only one shoot each turn.
getRadar() [:] name:position One entry for each robot in range.
getLife() 0-100 0 or less your dead.
getMaxPosition() position Size of play area.
getPosition() position Robot position.
getTemperature() 0 - 100 Greater than 99 you die.
canShoot [x],[y] true or false Shoot position in range.
cancelShoot() - Cancel your shoot this turn.
distance [position],[position] 0 - 999 Distance between two positions.


* Dont suicide your robot :p
* Sort not working yet, don't use it. (Radar)
* Dont be evil, don't try hack DSL.
* Try use easy groovy, grooscript is starting.